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21a Lancing Road
1025 Auckland
New Zealand

New Zealand

+64 9 524 7456
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Roger Carter

Cleverscope, based in Auckland, New Zealand, has been designing and manufacturing test equipment since 2006. We make PC hosted, USB/Ethernet connected test equipment.

The CS448 is the only four channel isolated oscilloscope able to probe any part of a power electronics module. It has four fibre-optic isolated channels with 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz, 14 bit ADC’s, and 512 MSample storage for measuring gate drives, power loss, efficiency and spurious frequency components. Channel isolation is 1.5 kV Class II. It offers Frequency Response Analysis built in using an isolated swept signal generator.  The CS448 also does streamed capture to disk for up to 300 G Samples. You can parallel 2 scopes to capture 8 isolated analog channels and 16 isolated digital channels.

Our software includes an Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, FRA, Digital Logic Analyser, Protocol Analyser and Maths functions. It will allow you to use Matlab for further analysis. It may be installed on as multiple PCs so captured data can be analysed without the acquisition unit being present.

The CS328A family of scopes use the same software to provide similar functions without isolation but with 12 or14 bit sampling, 100MHz Bandwidth and 100 MSamples/second capture.