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With a tiny detonator pin in almost every automotive air bag produced world-wide, no wonder Delta produces four million parts per working day. Since 1988, Delta Composants has been a global leader in the manufacture of precision, custom miniature metal wire and stamped components for a wide range of industrial applications. The focus remains on the delivery of pins and pressed parts used in the production of electrical and electronic devices.

From our main site in the world-famous city of Le Mans, France; supported by a second, “low-cost” 3000 m2 plant in Romania, we supply customers in forty-five countries around the world with vital metal components for use in applications as diverse as domestic appliances, automotive fuel injection systems, electric shavers and household smoke detectors. Our core business is the creation of picture-perfect, zero-defect pins and pressings in a wide range of metals.

The offer is enhanced by further processes including 3D engraving, micro drilling, cable assembly and polymer bags for the medical field to complete the picture. We have been certified to ISO 9002 since 1993. Please liaise with our partner Terra Firma International Sales or contact us directly with your component drawing or design concept.