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Andy Jones

“We are a manufacturer and supplier of full lines of equipment to the UK electronics market and we have over 40 years of experience in providing solutions to the UK and global Surface Mount market (SMT).
As well as manufacturing our award-winning range of Pick and Place machines incorporating Integrated Intelligence, and Stencil printers with Advanced Vision Intelligence produced in Poole, Dorset – we are also able to provide other production equipment from Automatic Optical Inspection, 3D Solder Paste Inspection, SMT reflow systems and on to other general manufacturing hardware.

Europlacer’s Integrated Intelligence is defined by the fact that the machines have been designed to be flexible from the outset. All aspects of the machine architecture (axis configuration, feeder inventory, turret head technology, software control, programming system, etc.) have been designed to work together with intelligent feeders in changing environment – this is truly Integrated Intelligence. As a result, Europlacer machines release usable productivity in day-to-day performance.

Europlacer has been awarded numerous prestigious industry awards for innovation and best-in-class pick and place equipment technology. We see it as a testament to our team, our capacity to evolve, and our ability to develop and deliver high-mix productivity tools.”