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Switching Devices – Relays, Motion Sensors and Switches

Pansonic is a global leader in the innovation, design, marketing and supply of Relays, PIR Motion Sensors, Switches, Automation components and systems.

Components: The main target markets for components include the automotive industry, factory and building automation, measurement and safety engineering, as well as the photovoltaic branch and technologies for renewable energy. In this respect, we provide electromechanical relays, PhotoMOS and solid-state relays, precision connectors and micro switches as well as built-in sensors for a wide array of applications.

PEWUK founded in 1981 as SDS-Relais, and incorporated into the Matsushita Electric Works global group in 1989 (now Panasonic Electric Works). The company was renamed Panasonic Electric Works UK Limited (PEWUK) in April 2005. PEWUK has technical sales support staff strategically located throughout the UK and Ireland.

For WNIE Show, Panasonic Electric Works plan to showcase our latest products and technological innovations including:

Our ever expanding range or Passive Infrared Sensors suitable for both Wired and Wireless installations. Now an additional 100 variants to the range.

New HE series PCB relays that could eliminate small Contactor needs and costly wiring installations… POWER to PCB