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Getting solder into shape: available in every conceivable shape and size, Pfarr solder preforms deliver the exact amount of solder to the precise location required. From die attach to brazing massive ceramic insulators, Pfarr preforms offer the ideal solution when a clean solder joint is required without the need for subsequent cleaning. Pfarr solder preforms provide void-free connections at melting points from soft solders melting at 100° C right up to Platinum braze at over 1700° C. It is thus completely feasible to arrange step soldering with two or three different solder and braze alloys in an assembly – providing the necessary bonds at a range of temperatures. Since the company’s establishment in 1982, sales have been developed throughout the world-wide semiconductor market.

Turnover has been further augmented by the creation of precision preforms for many other electronic sectors, space and defence applications, automotive engineering and numerous medical devices. Along the way, the company has won many accolades for its groundbreaking Lead-bearing and Lead-free special alloy solutions. Any quantity can be handled, from small test runs to components by the million. Supported by our China plant, Pfarr has developed a reputation for competitive, custom component quality all over the world.